General Medicine

Above everything else, it’s important to make regularly scheduled visits to see your doctor, just because, it’s always better to be in the know where your wellness is concerned. Our ability to offer urgent care to supplement your health regimen places your family in good hands with the Imara Medical team.


While many processes, applications and procedures require a medical report, not many companies offer the opportunity to make doing a medical as easy, affordable and convenient as Imara Medical does. With various packages tailored for entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporate entities, Imara can make that part of your work flow a seamless, hassle-free experience. And, if sending your team members to us provides a logistical challenge, let us arrange for a doctor to visit your location. This convenience will allow you to keep your team members on the job without losing valuable man hours.

Urgent Care

If you or someone you know has ever had to visit the Casualty or Emergency Department of a public hospital you know it can be a long and uncomfortable experience. With over 13 years experience in public and private urgent care treatment Imara Medical can make difficult situations less traumatic with select urgent care services in a comfortable, conveniently located setting.


Accidents and injuries are a part of life. Many persons suffer chronic pain form medical conditions. That doesn’t mean life has to be uncomfortable. Give you and your loved ones or employees the best chance of being fully functional with professional aftercare from your certified Imara Medical physiotherapist, and get back to being your best you.


Much of what we eat contributes to our general well-being. Every good plan for a long and healthy life should include a diet that complements our physical and medical regimen. Let Imara Medical be your nutritional partner and get more out of life by managing what you put into your body.


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