Medical Staff
Ms Ronnet Scarlet - Physiotherapist, Imara Care Medical Centre

Ms Ronnet Scarlet currently serves as physiotherapist at Imara Medical. She has been practicing in this field since 2011. Experience gained from working in both in- and out-patient departments at public hospitals has equipped her with the necessary skills to function optimally in her current post. 

She has a wealth of knowledge in various areas in her field, which include adult and pediatric cardio-pulmonary, neuromuscular and orthopedic physiotherapy. She spent the last two years, working with stroke and geriatric patients in a research base clinical setting at the University of the West Indies.

Ms. Scarlet is currently pursuing specialization in Sports and Exercise Medicine and has worked with a number of athletes and sports teams at both local and international levels. She is regarded by colleagues and patients as being highly motivated and extremely efficient, with a passion for people that propels her to be dedicated to her work.

Ms. Scarlet is a very sociable individual who has great love for music and a zest for life.



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