Medical Staff
Dr. Simone French, Imara Care Medical Centre, Kingston, Jamaica

Dr Simone French is a general practitioner and emergency medicine physician educated at St Andrew High School for Girls and the University of the West Indies. She practices in the public domain at the Emergency Medicine Division of the University Hospital of the West Indies, and privately at Imara Medical Centre.

Imara Care Medical Centre, Physiotherapist - Ms Ronnet Scarlet

Ms Ronnet Scarlet currently serves as physiotherapist at Imara Medical. She has been practicing in this field since 2011. Experience gained from working in both in- and out-patient departments at public hospitals has equipped her with the necessary skills to function optimally in her current post. 

Madelaine Terrier-Schnoor - Imara Care Medical Centre Nutritionist

Madelaine Terrier-Schnoor is a clinical nutritionist and registered dietician. Mrs Schnoor enjoys educating persons to achieve a healthy lifestyle through proper attention to diet.

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