The Health Benefits of Papaya

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The Health Benefits of Papaya The Health Benefits of Papaya

A healthy diet is a great way to prevent and manage many chronic medical conditions. Today we feature the powerful benefits of Papaya, a food rich in calcium and potassium and supports weight loss.


Why you should be eating more this week?

1. SUPPORTS DIGESTION: Contains papain, an enzyme that enhances digestion of proteins.

2. SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS - Papaya is very low in calories, has zero cholesterol, high water content to hydrate and high fibre content that helps you feel full.

2. SUPPORTS NEUROLOGIC FUNCTION - It is high in Vitamin A and C and folic acid which is important to maintain healthy blood cells, good neurologic function.

3. BETTER SOURCE OF VITAMIN A THAN SUPPLEMENTS - Papaya is rich in calcium and potassium. Also beta carotene and beta cryptoxanthine, antioxidants which reduce inflammation and increase Vitamin A levels more effectively than supplements. (beneficial in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis)

4. HELPS MORNING SICKNESS: Eating the ripened fruit in pregnancy relieves morning sickness

5. RELIEVES CONSTIPATION - It is high in fibre and thus relieves constipation.

6. ELIMINATE WORMS: Ingesting about 1 teaspoon of the seeds helps to eliminate worms

And the list continues....

Read more about the health benefits at and head to the market to stock up!

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